The leap to the unknown

Posted on: December 17th, 2013 by Raz No Comments

The past few years of my life has been a journey of ups and downs, and while I enjoy the little things in life; I had began to realize that I had stalled in multiple aspects of my life.

It’s like standing at the middle of the edge, petrified of what things will be. That is how I felt what my life had been, I was so scared of the future that I try so hard to maintain as it is despite knowing that things are just not meant to be.

Realization that there is no future on how things are; was a heart jabbing throat cutting experience, and the worse part of it is that I was destroying this incredible girl (who deserve a better future) down with me.

On one decision leads to another, I decided to go on another journey. We parted ways (from a six years of long distance relationship) and I resigned from a fulfilling yet hectic job to refocus my mind and energy to the unknown.

It was an amazing six years of my life that I will never regret, but I can’t no longer live the way I used to.

To live is to move forward.

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