To enjoy peace

Posted on: January 5th, 2014 by Raz No Comments

Those who knows me knows that I am a normally a tensed person who have difficulties on relaxing, this however does not mean I am always on my toes but in particular I view every action as a task and focus on completing the task on a serious matter.

Perhaps way too seriously.

Now having this attributes does wonders in a working environment, every task was prioritized and completed accordingly; However as an individual it is a fallout to view ‘relaxation’ as a task because then it would be a contradictory to the very nature of relaxation itself.

Being the moron in the word oxymoron, I been viewing relaxation type of activity as a task and as a result of it I had noticed that I am unable to completely let go and relax.

So one part of a goal on this journey is to practice on not over-thinking, to let it go and to relax (when necessary).

Ironically I never view it as an attainable goal until I took a walk at a local park recently; it was the usual park that I had visited multiple times before but this time on an impulse I took a slightly different route that I am used to.

It was a different path, there were birds chirping and sun rays that streams through the gaps of the leaf on the trees, and unexpectedly I found myself enjoying the peaceful moment and completely nothing else.

So on a personal level, I learned that relaxation is to devoid of everything else and truly enjoy that peaceful moment right in-front of you.

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