What I had learned

Posted on: May 5th, 2014 by Raz No Comments

That there are people who are still illiterate here in Penang (not being able to read), yet are one of the most respectful people that I bumped into.

They are working at the warehouse beside the cafe as manual labor, and yet there was never a morning without a smile and a nod from them even though it is clear that some of them are physically drained from work.

Then there’s the opposite side of the spectrum, the majority of well dressed men and woman who are within the “Entitled” mentality group that believe that they are entitled to treat you as a slave just because they are the “customer” and thinking that you are being paid to serve and be their slave.

Being rude to the waiter for them is apparently a perfectly fine thing to do in-front of their date, children or in-laws.

With much bitterness, I came up with a conclusion that most of the people who respect waiters are either once a waiter or knew how it feels like to be look down upon.

Without a doubt I did become slightly bitter at humanity, but at the same time I had also learned a valuable lesson on respect and humility.

That being said, I had resigned from being a part time waiter (who was upgraded to a barista woohoo!) and looking forward to the next chapter in this bewildering but interesting journey of mine ( Hopefully back to a programmer as I deeply crave to code once again ).

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