Starting a new job

Posted on: June 8th, 2014 by Raz No Comments

So I started working in a new company, for the time being lets called it CC. Theoretically it is actually not a new company for me since it actually belongs to a bigger company that I used to work in.

But yes I have to admit it is slightly weird to be surrounded by people who I know in the old company and yet I am actually in a different company with a completely different reporting structure.

That being said, it does feel like I abandoned them for the past 5 month and now struggling to be accepted by them once again. I suppose it is the same feeling in Band of Brothers when David Webster return from the hospital and noticed that everyone had changed in Easy company and they are in a way closed him off, feeling bitter that he did not came back earlier.

Second chance are only given to those who deserve them, and at this point of time I am not sure if I deserve their trust or acceptance just yet.

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