Daphne Khoo – Breathe

Posted on: December 24th, 2014 by Raz No Comments

Maybe we never started,
you just caught my heart
from the very start.
Maybe we’re meant to be alone
life can feel so cold
when we are apart

You make me cry, when I’m happiest,
and smile, through the hardest times
don’t leave me alone
when you’re not there,
I feel your presence weather you are around
you are my home

you make me breathe under water,
freeze, when it’s warmer
you make me feel alive
but you can make me wanna die
Can’t you figure this out
cuz I could be the one,
Don’t you believe in this love,

You make me breathe

You said you’d never been in love
waiting for your turn
well baby my heart yearns
to show I feel
and if, you can’t let me in,
I deserve much more
much more than you can give

you’ve opened up my eyes to everything I kept inside
to everything I used to drown
you let me let it out
I feel i’m falling more but you’re still keeping up your walls
I never heard a silence feel so loud

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