Injured but not broken

Posted on: October 25th, 2014 by Raz No Comments

It’s been awhile since I had injured this badly, last serious bike accident was probably in 2007 when I skidded down and another bike hit the back of my bike and slide through above me; which luckily I was only ended up in minor scratch and bruises.

Not this time

Similar condition, it was raining and the road was wet; I took a corner, lost control and skidded down. Quickly stood up after the fall knowing that it is possible that there is a car behind me that might not see me on the ground, then wave to signal a white car who coincidentally was about to make the same turning as well.

The car stop and I tried to pick up my bike and move it to the side… and this is when I realized I had busted my shoulder; luckily there are other motorist that noticed and helped me move my bike to the side as I called Edward (who is working nearby) to help me out.

He arrived in a jiffy and pushed my back to his workplace, cleaned my wound and got another friend of ours to help and send me over to the hospital.

A couple of x-rays and discussion between the Accidents and Emergency doctors, they had concluded that it is not a shoulder dislocation nor do they see any fracture on the shoulder. I was however told to drop by the next morning to see a dedicated orthopedic; who then later on concluded that it was a soft tissue injury.

Thus comes to this point, which actually… its not that bad of an injury at all, though being unable to move my shoulder without feeling pain acted more of an annoyance then the pain itself.

Anyway 8 days off work, limited movement on my right arm; lets see what I can archive or complete within that time-frame (since its rare that I get time off work these days).

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